Writing Content for Different Industrial Buyer Personas

You Can’t Please Everyone…Or Maybe You Can

Convincing different members of an organization that your product or service is better than your competitors’ can be daunting. How do you get your message across to the engineers while also appealing to the needs of operations managers? The B2B industrial buying journey is more complex than B2C purchases. With industrial marketing, you have to create several types of targeted messaging that will speak to the different members of an organization who have a say in purchasing decisions. So, what may sound like complete nonsense to a CFO or Procurement Manager is music to the ears of an engineer. So, how do you create the right messaging to speak to each targeted person? You’re going to need to learn …

Should You Start an Industrial Blog? YES!

Are you on the fence about starting an industrial blog? Don’t know why, where, or how to begin? You keep hearing about content marketing and its many benefits, but you’re unsure of what that would mean for your business. Your biggest reason for creating a blog strategy and content is to entice people in their purchasing journey when it comes to your company’s products and services.

Web content (blogs, white papers, videos, and webinars) establishes your credibility, expertise, and positions you as a thought leader in your field. As your blog is read, Liked, Tweeted, +1, and Shared, you are connecting with potential customers. The best part of a blog post…it works for you day and night. It can be found in 3, …

Great Industrial Marketing Can’t be Measured

Numbers … they condense our world into the organized and understandable with a simple equation. In marketing, we rely heavily on numbers to tell us if what we are doing is really working. We have charts and graphs as hard proof to show our clients or bosses. The problem with this type of data is that marketing and advertising rely on molding human sentiment and expectation and then proceeding to continuously manage and alter them. You cannot deduce whether the marketing campaign you started 6 months ago is going to build a long-term client base. Building a brand and brand loyalty take great marketing, and great marketing cannot be measured by metrics and data extrapolation.

Metric-Mania: One of the Seven Deadly Marketing Sins

Metric-mania has bewitched us! …