Great Industrial Marketing Can’t be Measured

Numbers … they condense our world into the organized and understandable with a simple equation. In marketing, we rely heavily on numbers to tell us if what we are doing is really working. We have charts and graphs as hard proof to show our clients or bosses. The problem with this type of data is that marketing and advertising rely on molding human sentiment and expectation and then proceeding to continuously manage and alter them. You cannot deduce whether the marketing campaign you started 6 months ago is going to build a long-term client base. Building a brand and brand loyalty take great marketing, and great marketing cannot be measured by metrics and data extrapolation.

Metric-Mania: One of the Seven Deadly Marketing Sins

Metric-mania has bewitched us! …

The Consumerization of Industrial Marketing

We try to write about all aspects of industrial marketing, often going into very specific detail about how best to execute certain initiatives, as well as the latest marketing trends; but did you know about the new B2B marketing trend having to do with consumerization? In short, much like the consumerization of IT (Information Technology), B2B marketing tactics are now starting to look more and more like B2C marketing.

A sale (or getting to a point of sale) should be the easiest process on your website

David Edelman of Digital Marketing Strategy Practice, speaking about the consumerization of the IT industry,  calls this shift a “massive disruption” and goes on to say “in the same way that a consumer wants …

Why is SEO Important to Your B2B Company?

Why is SEO important to your B2B company? Oh, and what is SEO anyway?

You’ve heard a lot about the importance of search engine optimization, or “SEO.” Here’s why it’s important to your business. The value of SEO is that you are optimizing your opportunity to have your website rank higher on search engine result pages, or “SERPs” when someone searches for your product or service.

To be clearer: if you are a valve manufacturer and someone is looking for you on the Internet, you could be the first one they call because you’re the first one they see when the page pops up listing “valve manufacturers.”

Here’s how it all begins.

When we “search” for a term on the Internet, we’re making a “query.” The query …