SEO Rules That Rule

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is more important than ever before in the competition for qualified visitors to your website.  With 84% of B2B marketers using content for lead generation, according to Search Engine Watch, there is far more to generating traffic for your site than what meets the eye.  Previous rules included carefully planned page titles, headers, meta information, and more – but with the number of sites growing from 2.5 million in 1998 to over 1 billion today, SEO tactics must expand as well. The old rules still apply; but industrial marketers focused on SEO need to stay current on the latest tactics and best practices in order to stay ahead of their competition.

How long does it take for inbound marketing to work?

I write a lot about the advantages of inbound marketing and how it can help increase business for industrial companies. I also have many conversations about it, and although there are a lot of questions about how it works, the one question I hear most often is “when will I start seeing results”?  There’s not a one sentence answer to that question, and in fact, there are many factors that affect the results you can expect.  Since this question is asked so often, I want to share some of the most important factors that affect results based on experiences with dozens of clients, as well as provide guidance on how to get the results you’re looking for more quickly.

Whether you like it or not: the …

Industrial Marketing: Let’s Get Emotional!

With an abundance of analytical data available to marketers today, having data to guide marketing planning and strategy has become the norm; but there is far more to industrial marketing than knowing who is going where in search of what. Marketing leaders seem to be agreeing that even for B2B industrial companies, there is a shift occurring. Many smart companies are giving their individual brand and the overall feel of their marketing communications a more human element – and it’s paying off.

What the Experts Say

In a recent interview, CEO and chief creative officer at the Gyro Agency Christoph Becker said, “Data will continue to play an important role in decision-making. However, we have found through our research with Fortune Knowledge Group that decision-makers are increasingly looking …

How To Increase Sales? Increase Marketing Budget and Think Inbound.

According to Pingler, it is estimated that businesses around the world will spend a whopping $150 billion on marketing in 2015. With most businesses spending on average, about 10% of their budgets on marketing – and 50% of those planning to spend more in 2015 – should you be one of them?  Industrial B2B companies RARELY spend the recommended percentage of annual revenue on marketing. You’ll hear varied “standards,” but the average is 10% if you want to maintain your current business, 15% if you want to expand into new markets or grow at a faster rate. For an industrial, B2B company, would increasing the marketing budget pay off?

The Marketing Stumbling Block for Industrials

Industrial B2B companies, by nature, …

4 Inbound Marketing Numbers to Convince Number Crunchers

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.

If you were a fan of the series Lost, you probably remember those numbers. The show’s characters were required to type the numbers into an old computer, with disastrous consequences if they failed to reenter the numbers every 108 minutes.

If you’re a B2B marketer trying to sell your boss on the value of inbound marketing, those numbers aren’t of much use to you. But if your boss is a number cruncher, there is another set of critical numbers you need to know: 90, 270, 100, and 60.

90: The Percentage of B2B Customers Who Go to Google First

Over the past few years, B2B consumers have undergone a serious change in the …


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