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B2B Industrial Marketing: The Digital Age is NOW

Believe it or not, there are still some business owners who are unsure of the value of a digital marketing campaign. Despite the steep decline in effectiveness of paper media and varied traditional marketing routes, as well as the decrease in new business income for those still clinging to outbound marketing tactics, it can be difficult for some to release the methods of former years.

But the odd fact these days is: Doing things differently today means both a marketing cost savings, as well as an increase in profit potential for your business. But you don’t just have to take my word or the word of countless others who’ve stressed these points on blind faith. Let’s take a look at the numbers because we all …

Why Inbound Marketing Is a Smart Investment for Industrial Companies

Your company already has a tried and true marketing plan. Ads in industrial magazines, direct mail, attendance at a few key trade shows, a company brochure. So if the traditional works, why open a new can of worms?

Because “traditional” is often synonymous with “expensive.”

Now don’t get us wrong; traditional marketing does yield results, but usually only after you’ve handed over a massive lump of your budget.

What if your industrial company could successfully integrate an active B2B online marketing campaign at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing, but still attract a wide variety of new businesses and create a more steady stream of leads?

You’d get on board with that, right? Right.

What Exactly is Inbound Marketing?

Let’s start with the basics. …

B2B Inbound Marketing: Commit, or Save Your Money

An interior designer friend of mine complained to me several years ago that HGTV was giving the public a false impression of how easy and inexpensive it is to remodel your home (DIY.) I couldn’t help but make the comparison to the proliferation of information on the Internet today about Inbound Marketing, and how easy it is to achieve unbelievable results.  Just as my interior designer friend knew all the pitfalls, challenges, and skill required to remodel a room in a house, I also know these things about executing a successful B2B Inbound Marketing program.  Companies are being misled; sometimes innocently, sometimes intentionally. This creates unrealistic expectations and is a recipe for what will eventually be deemed a failed experiment.

As someone offering inbound marketing services to …

B2B Inbound Marketing Agency: Selection Checklist

Search, Online, Inbound, Internet, Digital – whatever you choose to call this form of marketing – it takes time and specialization to get results. Few industrial, B2B companies have the internal staff with the expertise to manage the various components of a B2B Inbound Marketing program. If your company has decided to make a commitment to an Inbound program and you’re interviewing more than one firm, use the following checklist to help you find a long term partner that will drive results.

1.  Do they have B2B industrial experience?

A firm with one token B2B manufacturing company in their client roster is probably not your best choice. Look for a company with a long history and extensive list of clients that are manufacturing or industrial service companies. …

7 Myths About Industrial Inbound Marketing

As B2B marketing becomes ever more complex due to the influx of online marketing channels, many industrial marketers are still stuck in a simplistic mind-set that is rapidly becoming obsolete.  In the conversations I have every day, these are the top 7 myths I hear most frequently about industrial Inbound Marketing:


1)  A custom (proprietary) content management system has to be better than an “out of the box” CMS.

Migrating your website’s content from a proprietary CMS to a new providers’ open source CMS could be at best, an expensive nightmare, or at worst, impossible without the assistance and cooperation of your previous web development company.  That’s why Marketects designs all of its websites in SEO friendly WordPress, one …

Integrate Inbound Marketing with Traditional for Better Results

How can you integrate Inbound Marketing tactics with traditional?

We never tell a client to throw out all their traditional marketing to adopt Inbound Marketing.  In fact, it’s smarter to integrate the traditional tactics that are working for you with an inbound program.  We understand that there is a great deal of brand awareness and credibility that can be gained by advertising or getting articles published in respected trade publications.  We know there are some trade shows that are so engrained in a certain industry’s history that it could create image issues for a company that doesn’t exhibit.  We don’t say throw out the old for the sake of what’s new.  However, DO make an honest assessment about what’s working and keep doing it; but start adopting …

Frequently Asked Questions About Inbound Marketing

Even though there is a wealth of information available in books and online about Inbound Marketing, there still exists great uncertainty and downright confusion as to what it really means, especially in the industrial world. Perhaps the wealth of information contributes to the problem.  There is SO much information that someone with limited time to spend learning about a new way of marketing can become overwhelmed.

How is Inbound Marketing different from the marketing we’re doing now? What does “Inbound Marketing” consist of?  Does it cost less than traditional marketing? Do we have to do everything to get results? Where do we start? Can’t we do some of these things ourselves (in other words, is it really necessary to hire a digital marketing firm?) There are so …